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Silvia, Stefano,

Giovanni and... Giulia!

Hello, we are Silvia and Stefano, we are 37 years old and after some years of living together we decided to develop the project of a B&B in our big property Cascina Serenella.

Silvia is a consultant job in a major study in Brescia, while Stefano works in the field of real estate construction.
We both like cooking, sport, stay together with friends, but also to travel!
During our travels we appreciate Bed and Breakfast formula and now we would like to return the well-being and the familiarity that we have received ourselves during our stays.

We would be happy to accommodate you and make you enjoy your stay.

In 2016 another member of the family arrived... Mr Giovanni! And in 2020 mrs Giulia was also born!! They will be happy too to welcome you... and your kids:-)

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